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Cool Ideas!

AAC Update

I'm loving the Touch Chat this week. Marilyn and Lindsay are working on creating environmental pages for a student. Soooo Fun to try a new idea for a student. The environmental pages can be a picture of your child's actual locations around the house or school or maybe a picture of their favorite store. Hotspots are built in and touching his bed can lead to a page about things around or associated with his bedroom. Staying on the topic is much easier.


Here are some cool Apps: Have you been looking at APPs lately. Almost too many to look through but you can let us do some of the walking for you. Come ask me if you want some of my "secret" favorites, haha. I like Articulate it. I use it for articulation and language. Miniadventures is also good but if you are running low on space, this one may not work for you. These are videos and kids love them. Can't beat an oldie but goodie, Peek a boo Barn. Sentence Magic is really good for building sentences. Huge fan of all Toca Boca. I use these for memory, sequencing, describing, following auditory directions and on and on. All my students are encouraged to use an ediary when they go on vacation because they can add photos, draw pictures and write memories. When they return we use them for many many lessons. Kids at all levels work well with an idiary. YOu have to try Video Touch 6 too. Well, check them out and I'll share more next time.


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