Vision statement

Bird Kern Dalmia believes that every client is unique and deserves the highest quality of care. We are proud to be serving in the Bay Area for 40 plus years. We believe in thinking outside the box, being creative and customizing our treatment goals for every client. We continue to attend workshops and seminars to learn new techniques and ideas, and incorporate those with our own creativity. Bird Kern Dalmia strongly believes in collaborating with other professionals. One of our strengths is our belief in the significant role our family, friends, and community play in the development of Speech Language and O.T. skills. We strongly encourage early identification and early intervention. We provide consultation services, screenings, diagnostic and comprehensive assessments, and speech and occupational therapy at our practice. Our occupational therapy is provided in a large room built like a gym with all the necessary equipment to promote and foster the motor and sensory skills. We provide individual and group speech therapy and occupational therapy. Children are paired based on their age groups, and areas of need.